Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights are undoubtedly an energy-efficient way to make your home or property attractive. You require them for both beauty and security as well. 

However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of having them, you have to choose the best. So how do you make a choice?

This article makes it easy for you to pick the best from many options out there. Please spare a few minutes to read it. 

Advantages of Solar Lights Outdoors at Home

Perhaps even before looking at some of the best solar-powered lights for the outdoors, it would be great to explore their benefits. Without a doubt, there are many reasons why having solar lights is better than other types. 

Here are some advantages:

  • They don’t require electricity so that you won’t worry about energy bills
  • It is pretty easy to install them since they don’t need power cords
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for long
  • They are eco-friendly
  • Safe to use compared to those that use electric power

In addition to the above advantages, having solar-powered lights outdoors adds to beauty through illumination. You only need to ensure that the installation is right, and you will enjoy having them for many years. 

How To Choose the Best Solar Lights for Your Outdoor Spaces?

With a wide variety of solar lights to choose from in the market, having a method of arriving at one or two helps simplify the process. 

If you want to get value for your money, here are some of the most important things to check: 

Ease of Setting Up

I bet you won’t be looking for solar lights that are hard to set up. So, go for those that won’t give you a headache when it comes to setting up. Also, get motion sensors, as they tend to brighten up when someone is approaching hence perfect for security. 

Type or Intended Purpose

For your information, solar lights are not all the same. There are solar lights for security, garden aesthetics, and other types. Choose the best and that which best suits your intended purpose at home. 

Energy Efficiency

You should go for outdoor solar lights that can last, at least, throughout the night, especially if you want them for security. It, therefore, makes sense to check their energy efficiency when making a choice. 

Other factors include price and customer feedback, as well. Find out what neighbors, friends, and other buyers have to say. With their feedback pulse your knowledge, it becomes easy to choose among many options. 

Our Best Outdoor Solar Lights Picks

Aootek LED Outdoor Solar Lights

1.Aootek LED Outdoor Solar Lights 

This might be a good choice if you are looking for outdoor solar lights that can stand the test of time even during the toughest conditions. They are durable and also great when it comes to illumination. 

One of the features I like about these lights is their waterproof ability, making them perfect for both winter and areas that receive high amounts of rainfall. They are also more efficient than other solar lights. For instance, they can convert up to at least 19% solar energy into electricity than most models. 

The other feature worth noting is their ability to sense motion. They brighten up upon detecting motion and then dim when there is no more motion. Also, unlike other types, they are sensitive to the motions of both people and animals. 

If you like it, get newer models of these Aootek solar lights and brighten your outdoor space. 

2.URPOWER Outdoor Solar Light 

If you want a highly versatile outdoor solar light that you can place almost everywhere, this might be the best pick. Whether you install it somewhere along the driveway, backyard, or any other place, it will still brighten it up nicely. 

One of the features I like about this solar light is its ability to turn 180 degrees. It, therefore, gets the most light from the sun. Similarly, the light itself can easily adjust to any angle within 90 degrees to help light up the area you need easily and fully. 

I also like the fact that this outdoor solar light is weatherproof. Whether it’s during winter, summer, heavy rains, or dry months, it works well. It is a good feature as it enhances durability. 

Other great features worth noting include the ability to sense motion, and their auto-illuminate feature, which turns them on when dusk arrives. So whether you are around or away during dusk, the lights will provide the necessary light. 

For prices and to make an order, check it up on Amazon if you like this brand. 

3.A-Zone Outdoor Solar Lights 

They are the best if you are looking for outdoor solar lights that provide plenty of illumination for your garden or backyard. 

These lights are also great for security. You’ll think that they are security cameras at first glance. You should, therefore, consider them if you want to boost outdoor security at your property. 

There is another excellent feature of these solar lights. They can last for as long as even 40hours, especially when they are in low mode. They also need just five hours to get sufficient power to light up your space all day and night. 

Also, note that they have a motion sensor that helps them detect the slightest movements near them and brighten up to twenty seconds. 

4.TomCare Outdoor Solar Lights 

Sometimes you do not just want outdoor lights that will illuminate the space, but those that will also add to outdoor decor. If that’s your intention, then TomCare might be what you need. They come as a decorative set perfect for a beautiful garden. 

Apart from decoration, these solar lights are also very effective in converting sunlight into stored energy for illumination purposes. Provided they get a full charge within eight hours. These lights can fully light up your space the whole night. 

What I like about these outdoor solar lights is that they are easy to use. You do not need any wires. You only need to connect the stake then put them on the ground. However, make sure that you put them where they can get direct sunlight. 

They come with rechargeable batteries with high capacity. But note that how fast or slow they charge depends on weather conditions. 

Another great feature worth noting is their light sensor, which turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. Indeed, it’s a great convenience. 

You can purchase them on amazon if this is your outdoor solar light choice. 

5.Davinci Flexfit Solar Lights 

If you have outdoor fence posts and want to use solar lights to light up space, then the Davinci Flexfit type might be the best for you. They are great for deck, fence, and stairs. 

These solar lights are IP44 rated and can last for many years if you keep them well when it comes to quality. They have a whopping 100,000 hour LED light, meaning they can work for many years providing good outdoor light. 

These lights can also withstand harsh weather, including rain or direct water. Furthermore, their body (industrial-grade plastic) can withstand UV rays from the sun. 

I like that I do not need a handyperson or an electrician to do the installation. Anyone can install them even if you are not a do-it-yourself folk. They are entirely self-contained, and there is no need for wiring. 

You can get them on amazon and make your home shine.


How Do I Make My Outdoor Solar Lights Brighter?

Ensure they get sufficient sunlight, the panels are clean, the batteries are working, and no debris or dirt’s visible on the lights. 

Why Do My Outdoor Solar Lights Stop Working? 

Outdoor solar lights often stop working when they can no longer hold the charge or faulty batteries. In that case, doing a replacement and a couple of maintenance tasks will fix the problem. 

Do Outdoor Solar Lights Still Charge on a Cloudy Day?

Yes, solar lights still charge even when direct sunlight is blocked. However, since the strength is not that good, the charge might not last long. Although clouds diffuse the strength of direct sunlight, that doesn’t mean your solar lights won’t charge completely.

How Long Do Outdoor Solar Lights Batteries Last?

On average, they last for about three years, but it can be longer or less than that, depending on how you take care of your solar lights. 

Can I Use the Usual AA Batteries on Outdoor Solar Lights?

No, regular AA batteries cannot store energy. Solar lights need batteries that can store energy from sunlight. NiCd and NiMH can store energy, so they are the best to use for your outdoor solar lights.